On the QS World University Rankings Methodology

QS defends its ranking methodology

Following the split from THE, and recent critique by that publication of its approach, QS has been setting out a robust defence of its methodology:

Following the end in 2009 of a six-year collaboration between the two organisations, Times Higher Education has launched a campaign of criticism of the QS World University Rankings. QS owns all the intellectual property of the World University Rankings results and methodology. It seems that THE believes the only way to legitimise producing its own new rankings is to pretend dissatisfaction with QS. Martin Ince was Rankings Editor at THE for six years, overseeing work with QS, and was previously deputy editor of THE. He says “I can honestly say that the rankings produced by QS, were regarded as an outstanding piece of work….accurate, insightful and absolutely fit for purpose.”

And they also find a number of supporters:

Professor Alan M. Kantrow, Former Editor of McKinsey Quarterly, adds “Global competition in higher education necessitates some basis for quality comparison across borders…..QS’s Academic Peer and Employer Reviews rightly place the basis for comparison in the hands of experts – academics and employers around the world.”

There is plenty of other interesting information on the QS methodology here too. Although, as with all league tables, there remain very good grounds for scepticism about elements of the approach, there is a decent degree of honesty here about the limitations of the methodology. Worth a look.

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