True Crime on Campus §18: Black eye incident

True Crime on Campus §18

More extracts from real Security reports. The challenges never end for our hard working and extremely helpful Security staff:

0830 Patrol Security Staff discovered all of the items from a Kitchen in Derby Hall had been thrown out of a window and onto a grassed area. The items were damaged and disposed of. The Hall Manager has been informed.

1140 Report of a person acting suspiciously in the Student Shop Portland Building. Security attended – the person was spoken to. They identified themselves as a student – the reason they were acting in the manner they were was that they could not decide what to purchase.

1300 Report that a person had fallen over on a grassed area adjacent to DHL Pavilion Security attended. The person reported that they had pain in their elbow they were advised to seek medical attention.

1800 Report of a person putting flyers under the windscreen wipers of vehicles parked on Beeston Lane. Security attended, the area was checked, the male could not be located. The flyers are promoting an event at Rock City on the 29 January.

18:36 Security were called to Nottingham Medical School as the firm alarm had been activated. Fire Brigade attended, the detector could not be located. Fire Brigade requested that we reset the panel. At 22:05 Security discovered that the smoke had come from the Pantomime Party as they had been using fake smoke for their performance. Fire Safety Officer informed.

2259 Report of a person lying on the floor of Cripps Computing Centre. Security attended – the person was identified as a student who had been drinking heavily. The student was spoken to and taken to his term address.

0343 A student contacted the Security Control room for advice on how to treat a black eye. Security attended Ancaster Hall. The student stated that they had been struck in the eye by a flying chicken nugget while in McDonald’s in the City. Security checked the eye and gave advice.

0710 Report of the theft of a Mini Digger from the Building site of the new Chinese Studies Building at Jubilee Campus. Security attended Police informed.

0755 [note the time] Report of a male drunk on a pedal cycle on the Science Site. The male was spoken to by Security Officers but was too drunk to reply. Police were contacted. It was discovered that the male was staying in Cripps Hall with his friend. The male was returned to Cripps Hall.

0140 Security provided access to Rutland Hall for a student who had lost his room key, trousers, socks and shoes in a graveyard.

Never a dull moment on campus.

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