True Crime on Campus §16: A series of unfortunate events

More true crime on campus: where stuff happens

Unfortunate things can happen on campus. Fortunately, our unflappable Security staff are more than capable of responding to all kinds of events:

1215 Report that a pedal cyclist had fallen from his cycle outside the Pharmacy Building. Security attended. The student had been attempting to jump his cycle over the kerb when he fell off. The student suffered cuts and bruises and was taken to Hospital to be checked.

2315 Report of a student trapped in his room in Kingston House Sutton Bonington. Security attended and released the student who was advised to contact Opal staff for a permanent repair to be made.

1258 Report that a cyclist had ridden into the exit barrier of South Entrance. The barrier was broken off as the cyclist rode through and fell off his cycle. The cause of the collision was due to the cyclist not slowing down and allowing the barrier time to rise up and out of the way.

2340 Security were called to Nightingale Hall where a visitor had arrived to see her friend who was supposed to be a student at this University. Security attended and after speaking the visitor and checks made on our Student database plus further checks with Trent University it was found that the visitor was at the wrong University. The visitor had also lost her all of her belongings on the train to Nottingham and had no way of getting to her friend’s accommodation. The Security Supervisor took her in a Security vehicle.

19:32 Security were informed by Willoughby Hall Deputy Warden that a student required first aid as they had run into a fire door on D Floor at Willoughby Hall. Student went to hospital in a taxi with a friend. There was damage to the glass panel, Long Eaton Glass called out.


2245 Report of the lift not working Willoughby Hall. Security attended. Morris Vermaport called out. Due to there being 10 people stuck in the lift the Fire Service were requested to attend and they removed the occupants from the lift.

1000 Report that a window had fallen out of its frame in Hugh Stewart Hall Security attended contractor called out.

1030 Report of the lift not working with a person trapped in Portland Building. The Building Attendant and Security Officers attended. The button was pushed which started the lift working and released the person.

11:50 Security attended a report from 5 students that their belongings, which had been put under a bush whilst they played football on Florence Boot Field, had been stolen. Police informed and Security to follow up.

14:45 Security Control received a telephone call from a concerned relative that a student was stuck in a toilet in the Trent Building. A search was conducted but nobody was found. At 17:48 Trent received a telephone call from Ancaster Hall that the student had been found and the relatives have been informed.

17:15 Security attended a request to remove a padlock from a cycle as the student had lost her key.

22:39 Security Control received a call that there was an umbrella on fire in the Quad at Lenton Hall and the Porter was dealing with it. Security did not attend.

02:00 Security attended a report of broken glass in a door at Cavendish Hall caused by a student who was play fighting with a third party. Long Eaton Glass called out and details to Hall Warden.

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