The Imperfect University: Know Your History

Another old one – this from last year


Know your history.

For my 700th blog post here I thought I would reflect on university histories. Given their nature it’s often struck me as rather surprising that universities and their staff tend not to have a well developed sense of institutional history.

Research matters to universities but they tend not to prioritise maintaining their own records for future researchers. It’s possibly that universities are generally not brilliant at comprehensive record keeping because of their devolved nature and more recently because of the shift from paper to digital but nevertheless there are core records around, for example see Nottingham’s institutional collection. Plus there is enough oral history available from longer established staff to last a lifetime if you ask for it.

Anyway, my contention is that staff at every level of the University need to know more about their institution’s past.

Testing times

To make this point, a while…

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2 thoughts on “The Imperfect University: Know Your History

  1. When I came to interview you last year in the impressive Senate building, I took a photo of the building afterwards to send to my parents, who met whilst they were students at Nottingham. My dad’s reply? Ah yes, that’s the building we occupied in 1969…
    That’s what I call knowing your history.

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