True Crime on Campus §27: happy new year

More true crime on campus: new year, new incidents.

Whilst it might have been a bit quieter over the festive period there is always something going on to test our always busy Security team:

1135 Report of a spillage of vegetable oil outside Portland Building Security attended and taped the area off to ensure that no one slipped in the oil.

0233 Report of a student with an injury to her ankle in Hall. Security attended the student had been running in high heels and slipped over in the City Centre. As a precaution the Student was taken to the QMC. The Warden is to be informed.

13:50 Security were called to the Trent Building as a staff member reported two parts missing from a coffee machine. Security to follow up.

04:50 Security assistance requested by Hall Tutor as 3 students had removed the furniture from their rooms and built rooms outside. Hall Warden informed

0345 Security received a complaint from a Med Link Delegate in Hall complaining that they were too hot in their room. Security attended and turned the radiator down and moved the bed away from the radiator.

1840 Report of Two Students 45 feet up a tree on the Downs. Security attended the areas was checked no sign of students up trees.

2140 Report of a “smelly blower “at DLRC. Security attended. The hot air curtain at the entrance to the building was thought to smelling. Officers could not detect any issue with it.

1705 Report that a person had fallen over adjacent to the Maths Building. Security attended. The person was a four year child who was with their parent. The parent refused any advice from the Officers and left.

1207 Security Officers observed a Hopper Bus drive across a Pedestrian crossing on Keighton Hill whilst pedestrians were using it – some of them had to jump out of the way. Officers followed the Bus until it stopped on Beeston lane. Officers then spoke to the driver who stated he did not see the pedestrians.

2316 Report that a Tutor had been Rugby tackled by a student outside the Hall. The Student was part of the American Football team who were having a Social event. Details of two of the group have been taken and will be passed onto the Warden.
1030 Report of the lift not working with a person trapped in Portland Building. The Building Attendant and Security Officers attended. The button was pushed which started the lift working and released the person.

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