True Crime on Campus §3

More true crime on campus

Some more diverting extracts from campus security reports:

0355 Report of a female Conference Delegate feeling unwell in Willoughby Hall Security attended the female stated she had drunk a large amount of a Caffeine based drink. An organiser from the Conference was contacted and asked to sit with the Delegate.

1215 Report of people ferreting on Lancroft Lane Sutton Bonington Campus. Security attended [and advised that] the people had the permission of the Farm Manager. The Farm Manager is to be asked to ensure that Security are made aware of such agreements.

1300 Report of people skating on the Lake under Trent Building. Security attended. However, no one was seen on the Ice.

17:55 Security observed a Student doing ‘handbrake turns’ in the Car Park near the South Lab at Sutton Bonington. Report to be sent to the Warden.

2325 Report that a picture had been taken off the wall at Hugh Stewart Hall by a Pirate. The Pirate had gone in the direction of the Mooch Bar. Security attended the Mooch where they found over 40 Pirates none of whom had the picture.

1255 Report of a person trapped in mud in the Lake adjacent to University Park. Security attended and after a search, a female was found stuck in the mud up to her waist. The Fire Service were called out they were able to extract the female from the mud. No explanation was given as to why she was in the mud.

2335 Report of a disturbance in Hall bar. Security attended a male who is not a Student complained that he had been involved in a short fight with two others who may have been Students. The incident started over an argument over a Cowboy hat one of the males was wearing. The two males were part of a large group on a Campus 14. The Police were not informed.

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